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General Safety & Technology Tips

Every parent wants to help their child thrive psychologically, physically and socially. Creating a home environment that is safe is fundamental to their development. The Center of Disease and Control and Safe Kids Worldwide have created thorough guides to age appropriate safety, as well as common risks for individuals 0-18 years old.

Likewise, parents need to be actively aware of the media their children are likely to encounter or use on a regular basis. There are many pros and cons to technology. One of our TOP PICK resources is Common Sense Media. It a phenomenal unbiased resource guide for all family members to research content in books, movies, apps, websites, etc. There is also age appropriate content how to talk to your child about media and creating a family media agreement. In adoption, it is not uncommon to find adolescences reaching out to social media to understand their adoption. They even may try to track down biological family members. Being involved in your child’s media world is essential. This resource guide is not an all-inclusive list, but rather a tool to help you access the information you need.


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