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A Republic of Marshall Islands Adoption

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Nearly two years ago we adopted our daughter from RMI, making us a family of 5. We were living in Japan and brought her home when she was 4 months old. During our stay in RMI, we bonded with her family and have enjoyed our relationship with them immensely. She was doted over and loved on by her two older sisters from day one, who couldn’t be happier to have a baby around.

A year later we moved to Germany and soon after received an email about a little boy, 4 years old, in RMI who was looking for a home. After much consideration we pursued his adoption and brought him home only 5 months later. He is extremely small for his age, only 18 lbs. at 4 years old, but is very active, lively, happy, healthy and in every other since, a “normal” 4 year old. Again, we bonded with his family in RMI and continue to be grateful for the relationships with our Marshallese families. Within 7 months of joining our family, he was speaking full sentences in English, and very well bonded with his siblings. He has made so many adjustments very smoothly and we couldn’t imagine life without him.

All 4 of our children are now 7 and under and life is full of excitement! Our experience with AAPA has been fantastic and has made this entire process as seamless as it could be. We have enjoyed their professionalism, friendships, and quick responses throughout our journey.

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