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Choosing the Type of Adoption

This initial step is critical for families living abroad. We have created this resource to help you narrow down what type of adoption is best for your family, which was adapted from Creating a Family. There are three main types of adoption: International, Domestic, and Foster Care. In our initial free skype visit we will be able to discuss which option is best for your family. Choosing the type of adoption must take into consideration your current place of residency and where you may live in the future. In the case of international adoptions by US citizens living abroad, the immigration journey is even more complicated as your host country may also need to become involved in the process. We work closely with you to ensure that you are meeting all the legal requirement of the country of adoption, United States immigration and the current host country so that your child can safely travel home, including where your future home may be.


Helpful Resources:

Creating a Family: Quick Comparision of Adoption Types

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