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Sleep, Eat, & Exercise

The most basic needs our body has: sleep, eat, & exercise. It is not uncommon to have adopted children struggle in these areas. There is the short-term shock of their new environment, which include new smells, tastes, textures, sounds, and routines. Age and prior experiences play a key role in how well the child adjusts. However, the more prepared the family is the smoother this initial transition can be. Routines are fundamental for success, especially at bedtime. We also find that an important element is having at least one parent able to stay home as long as possible. The dependable and predictable environment the parent creates helps role model and build trust. Again, sleep deprivation and eating problems are a very common problem with adoption. Typically, they are short term problems (6 months or less), especially when families stick to the plan and routine. These problems can feel very overwhelming at the moment, however there is a lot of great literate on the topic that can help you build a toolkit for success. This resource guide is not an all-inclusive list, but rather a resource to help you access the information you need.


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