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 Adopting a child 
 while living abroad 
 is an exciting 
 Our professionals 
 are here to assist you. 

Are you an American living outside of the United States, and are considering a domestic or international adoption?  If so, we can help.​

AAPA is a global network of licensed social workers and adoption professionals living and working in various countries around the world. We work to support you throughout your entire adoption journey and beyond.


Many of our adoption professionals have themselves, adopted children while residing abroad, providing them with a unique and thorough understanding of what is involved in the adoption process.


We work with U.S. and non-U.S. citizens including: 

  • Single Individuals

  • Married and Unmarried Couples

  • Heterosexual and LGBTQ Parents

  • United States citizens living abroad

  • United States citizens married to non-United States citizens living abroad

  • On Occasion – Non-US Citizens NOT living in their country of citizenship

A Global Organisation

  Nicole Landry 

Our experience with Lari Cannon and AAPA was superb! Communication was fantastic and timely, travel and home visits were effortless. Lari is kind, understanding, informative and easy to work with. She continually made our experience enjoyable ”

 Stacey and Samara 

Through every step of the long, complicated process Debbie always responded to my emails quickly with knowledge and kindness. She gave advice throughout the process and I know that Samara’s transition has been so positive because of how well she prepared me for what was to come! 

  Alison Atwood  

Debbie has been crucial in the process, providing contacts, encouragement, information, and follow-up, not because it is her responsibility, but because she truly cares. That is the kind of person I would want advocating and working on my behalf, and I am so grateful to have gotten that! 

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