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Lari Baty Cannon MA, MS Ed.

Lari is a mental health counselor with post-graduate studies in adoption and foster care therapy. She has a rich history in the adoption world having consulted with governments and NGO's globally on issues from orphan care, to deinstitutionalism and adoption.  Lari has been working with prospective adoptive parents for ten years providing home study services. 

Debbie Driessen Grika MSW, LSW

Debbie has been working in the field of adoption with American Adoption Professionals Abroad for more than 15-years, and has travelled to over 50 countries on six continents visiting prospective adoptive families and adopted children. Debbie assists adoptive families through the adoption process, helping them become a forever family to an adopted child and ensuring that they are prepared and supported throughout the process.

Wendy Wiley, BS

Wendy is the director of administrative processes managing all American Adoption Professional Abroad client cases since 2003.  Based in the U.S., Wendy serves clients globally supporting our social workers, families and coordinating with various agencies.

Director of Operations

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