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Attachments, Types of Attachments, Parenting Styles & Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)

Building attachment is a process. Common themes related to attachment are: how to form attachments, types of attachment, parenting styles, & reactive attachment disorder (RAD). Much of the material addresses all four of these topics, which are interconnected. Healthy attachments are more likely to occur when parents do not have unresolved attachment problems. Being secure with yourself and your partner allows you and your child to express yourselves freely. If you have unresolved attachment problems, please seek help.

Likewise, there is a strong correlation between parenting style and attachment. The type of parenting style you grew up with and your current parenting style, directly impacts a parent’s ability to attach to their child. The four main types of parenting styles are: authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and uninvolved/neglectful. As parent, do a self-reflection on what kind of parenting style you grew up with, what is your parenting style, and how both are impacting your relationship with your child. Other topics that can overlap with attachment concerns are: Post Adoption Depression (PAD) & Discipline (select topics to learn more). If you have major concerns, please contact your AAPA caseworker directly. This resource guide on attachment is not an all-inclusive list, rather a resource to help you access the information you need.


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